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James E. Hundman, Owner of Hundman Law Offices, is an Attorney and Certified Financial Planner TM practitioner

Through his law firm, he provides legal services to individuals and small businesses. James E. Hundman is also a Registered Principal with Triad Advisors, Inc.

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Estate Planning

Why Do You Need an Estate Planning & Probate Lawyer?

For a person preparing a will, it is of utmost importance to seek the assistance of a probate lawyer. This kind of attorney will take note of your individual needs and preferences. In case there are some complications in your situation which could affect your will, your lawyer will dispense expert advice as well as develop strategies in order to make your Estate-planning easy and hassle free. The end goal here is to benefit the persons you have chosen and not make them spend so much money on litigation fees and taxes.

For people who have been meaning to prepare a last will and testament, this is a good time to contact an Estate Planning lawyer. Contrary to common belief, a last will and testament can benefit everyone - not just those with palatial homes or million-dollar assets. Even if you’re an ordinary person, your home, car and business can still be considered as part of your estate. At the time of your death, these would all be divided among your family and loved ones.

How Can An Estate Planning & Probate Attorney Help?

An expert lawyer can help you look at the assets you have and how you should assign them to your chosen beneficiaries. In some cases, an attorney is also needed in order to disinherit someone from your will. This will be done in a way that he cannot run after the money or property that was denied him. The skilled probate lawyer will make use of legal tactics and strategies so that he or she cannot sue the estate.

In addition, Estate Planning & Probate lawyer will help those who were named in the will as beneficiaries receive the money or pieces of property that’s due them. They will facilitate, transfers, change of ownerships, liquidation or outright acquisition of the estate. Just be sure to be totally honest with your lawyer when drafting your will. This will prevent future complications and problems from arising in the future. In case you are aware of possible legal problems, better take it up with the experts as early as possible.

Simplifying Estate Planning & Probate With Expert Advice

Estate Planning and Probate are often considered as complicated and tiresome. If you’re trying to do it by yourself, you will encounter a lot of problems and setback before you can accomplish the task. There’s the matter of evaluating your assets, properties, taxes and other items of value that should be passed on to your spouse, children, siblings and others.

To simplify things and make sure that everything happens as you want it to, it is best to hire the services of an Estate Planning & Probate lawyer who can do the job for you. This is a practice of law which assists people who want to create their last will and testament. Besides that, Estate Planning & Probate lawyers can help set up a trust for minor children or siblings in the event of a person’s death. This protects the assets of inheritance and will be enforced only when the trustee reaches legal age.

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James E. Hundman, JD, CFP ®
James E. Hundman, JD, CFP ®